esignature Signing Application

Syngrafii’s eSignature Solution sPaper™ captures a user’s biometrically accurate one-time-use signature for execution in the work flow attached to a specific document to be signed.

Solution: eSignature Signing Application


sPaper™ our proprietary eSignature Solution is accessed through any web enabled device (Tablet, Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone) where users are able to execute their signature as an individual or in a group signing session. The user can freely to annotate any part of the document as if they were signing a piece of paper with a pen, delivering the same user experience as an in-person transaction while offering far greater compliance and non-repudiation security.

Syngrafii’s sPaper™ solution captures the speed, cadence and pressure of a signature ensuring each signature transaction is biometrically unique providing a more secure and compliant way of doing business when compared to other “click to sign” or typed “proxy” eSignature solutions.

  • Secure and authenticated eSignature solution
  • Supported on IOS, Android, Blackberry and all Web browsers
  • Choose your preferred signing option: sPaper™ Document Work Flow or LongPen™ Paper Document Work Flow
  • Can be integrated into your document management system
  • Provides click to sign access through Microsoft Word for documents you want to review, send and sign
  • Live, collaborative, interactive group signing sessions integrated with audio and video conferencing for true document collaboration & signing (currently Skype; GoToMeeting and WebEx)

Syngrafii’s sPaper™ enables a digital document workflow, while supporting security, compliance and other internal process requirements. Users open documents from a tablet, desktop or notebook computer and sign through any web enabled device. Tools to add typed and handwritten annotations are supported. No document pre-processing or app download is required for review and signings,

The user simply accesses the document from a local file; web source or corporate server and signs on any part of the document as needed. All annotations by the user(s) are tracked by the system to keep a secure log of the documents transaction history. Photo identification (driver’s license, identity card etc.) can be embedded for further identity validation as required. The digital document once complete is immediately delivered to all participants in the signing session.

Should the need arise sPaper™ provides the option to print the original “wet ink” signature used to bind any agreement utilizing the Syngrafii LongPen OR the sPaper executed document can be saved on the server indefinitely as a wet ink signature pending on demand forensic printing. Whether you choose to print or store the document, the one-time biometrically accurate signatures will be printed or stored securely with the original document as intended.

  • Maintain the same workflow as you would in person
  • Make sticky notes and annotation for edits, additions and reminders
  • Highlight important sections
  • Apply initials to changes made during a live signing session
  • Sign with your One-Time-Use, biometrically accurate signature
  • Sign all pages requiring initials or full signatures
  • The process does not differ from an in person signing execution


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